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Design compiler, prime time, and synplicity tools can generate sdc descriptions, or the user can generate the. The following synopsys software products and license counts are available for tss beta evaluation. There are key differences between xilinx design constraints xdc and user constraints file ucf constraints. You must set up your synopsys environment prior to running this tutorial. Synopsys is at the forefront of smart everything with the worlds most advanced tools for silicon chip design, verification, ip integration, and application security testing.

The designer software supports both timing and physical constraints. A typical sdc file is a list of flattened sdc commands. Using the synopsys design constraints format application note. You use an sdc file to communicate the design intent, including timing and area. A standard file format, synopsys design constraint. Use the interface planner to prototype interface implementations, plan clocks, and quickly define a legal device floorplan. Automated synthesis from hdl models auburn university. Now copy your verilog behaviorallevel design into your synopsys directory. Synopsys design constraint sdc format is used to specify the design intent. Synopsys dc will not synthesize a design to run as fast as possible. Well see how to use synopsys hspice simulation, synopys hercules design rule check drc and layout vs schematic tools lvs, and finally, synopsys starrcs layout parasitic extraction lpe tool. The sdc package contains the synopsys design constraints sdc functions used to. Xdc constraints are based on the standard synopsys design constraints sdc format. Using synopsys design constraints sdc with designer 2 timing constraint commands design constraint command examples are listed in table 2.

In particular, we will concentrate on the synopsys tool called the design compiler. Sdc, is used to specify timing and other design con straints. Both of these les are generated by the synthesis tool. Finally, read the backward saif file back to perform the power estimation. For more information on timing closure, see the ultrafast design methodology timing closure quick reference guide ug1292.

Synopsys documentation on the web is a collection of online manuals that provide instant access to the latest support information. The following documentation is located in the course locker cs250 manuals and provides additional information about design compiler, design vision, the design ware libraries, and the synopsys 90nm standard cell library. Xdc, and does not support the legacy user constraints file ucf format. With this program, customers can be sure that they have the latest information about synopsys products. We need to create a clock constraint to tell synopsys dc what our target cycle time is. Constraints xdc, which is a combination of the industry standard synopsys design constraints and proprietary xilinx constraints. Sdc description to synthesize and analyze a design. Sdc has been in use and evolving for more than 20 years, making it the most. The quartus ii sdc and timequest api reference manual is your reference guide to timequest timing analyzer constraints and commands, including command details, usage, and examples. Synopsys detect makes it easier to set up and scan code bases using a variety of languages and package managers across different application security techniques. Using the synopsys design constraints format about the sdc format using the synopsys design constraints format application note version c2009. Please use the tool below to search for press releases in a particular year, category or that contain a keyword. The session will also give a technical introduction to the verification methodology manual for systemverilog, coauthored by arm and synopsys.

All the information included in the quartus ii sdc and timequest api reference manual, as well as the most uptodate list of commands, can also be found in the. Right to copy documentation the license agreement with synopsys permits licensee to make copies of the documentation for its internal use only. In addition to the synopsys 90nm library les, the place and route tools require two additional inputs. Once your account is activated, an email will be sent to you to confirm your login information. Finding your way through formal verification provides an introduction to formal verification methods. Synopsys to highlight liberty and composite current source. Synopsys timing constraints and optimization user guide version d2010. Using design compiler, you first need to generate a forward saif file. Synopsys end user agreement for academic institutes 1 copy, electronic copy high quality, colour, scanned pdf via email accepted, or synopsys end user agreement for research laboratories instructions as per agreement for academic institutes, and synopsys customer end use export screening checklist instructions as per end user agreement. As a synopsys and azure devops user, synopsys detect extension for azure devops enables you to.

Using synopsys design constraints sdc with designer digchip. Automated synthesis from hdl models design compiler synopsys leonardo mentor graphics. It assumes that you are familiar with the planahead tool graphical user interface gui and project flows. Tseng, ares lab 2008 summer training course of design compiler. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. The design compiler is the core synthesis engine of synopsys synthesis product family. For additional search options, please use the advanced search tool. Our technology helps customers innovate from silicon to software, so they can deliver smart, secure everything. You use constraints to ensure that your design meets its performance goals and pin assignment requirements.

Simulating verilog rtl using synopsys vcs cs250 tutorial 4 version 092509a september 25, 2009 yunsup lee in this tutorial you will gain experience using synopsys vcs to compile cycleaccurate executable simulators from verilog rtl. Smart, secure everythingfrom silicon to software synopsys technology is at the heart of innovations that are changing the way we live and work. Customer support portal account registration synopsys. When synthesizing to a di erent standard cell library or technology process, you will need to replace these les with les provided by the vendor of the new cell library and process. Rtltogates synthesis using synopsys design compiler. Please fill out the following form to request a customer support portal account. Synopsys dc will output a warning, but synopsys dc will usually just keep going, potentially producing a completely incorrect gatelevel model. Synopsys tutorial part 1 introduction to synopsys custom. New accounts will only be activated for current optical solutions group product customers. Synopsys to highlight liberty and composite current source at 16th eda interoperability developers forum. It may be of help to remove the test module at this time. Cic training manual logic synthesis with design compiler, july, 2006 tsmc 0 18um process 1 8volt sagextm stand cell library databook september 2003 t.

All commands in an sdc file conform to the tcl syntax rules. For more information about the tapin program and to download the vsdc user guide. Rtltogates synthesis using synopsys design compiler cs250 tutorial 5 version 091210b. You will also learn how to use the synopsys waveform viewer to trace the various signals in your design. This book serves as a foundation for how methods work, when and where to apply them and how formal verification is managed in the overall verification objective. Synopsys timing constraints and optimization user guide. This integration is built and maintained by synopsys, and documented in the synopsys custom compiler user manual. Synopsys timing constraints and optimization user guide dcreferencemanualopt. For qualified users, please allow 12 business days for us to activate your account. Competitive compensation with good breakups and other facilities. This application note describes how to share constraint information between thirdparty eda tools and these synopsys tools using sdc files.

Synopsys installation directory all user projects 2. Using synopsys design constraints sdc with designer this technical brief describes the commands and provides usage examples of synopsys design constraints sdc format with actels designer series software. If you are in verification group, you will have to have good knowledge of writing quality code, very good debugging skills and hands on experience on vim and unix shell. Using synopsys design constraints sdc with designer.

In addition, these tools can generate sdc descriptions for and read sdc descriptions from thirdparty tools. Each copy shall include all s, trademarks, service marks, and proprietary rights notices, if any. Press releases are listed below in chronological order with the most recent one appearing first. Refer to the synplify pro for microsemi reference manual for details on the options and arguments. Describes timing and logic constraints that influence how the compiler implements your design, such as pin assignments, device options, logic options, and timing constraints. Then include the forward saif file in your testbench to generate a backward annotated saif file. Libero soc tools timing driven place and route and smarttime support a subset of synopsys sdc timing constraints relevant for fpga designs. You can use the timequest analyzers graphical user interface gui or. Products include logic synthesis, behavioral synthesis, place and route, static timing analysis, formal verification, hardware description language systemc, systemverilogverilog, vhdl. Synopsys 90nm educational library we are using for the course.

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